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    Tri Color Nail Gel Palette

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    Paint shiny, beautiful nails effortlessly
    with these gel palettes!

    Available inย 10 gorgeous color combinations that last up to 45 days, this buttery-smooth, highly pigmented nail gel paste will glides on your nail surface smoothly without failure! Palette design lets you mix and create unique colors to match your outfit, mood or any occasion.Long-lastingย formula guaranteed aย waterproof, chip-freeย finish that last 6 weeks!ย Play with these and use them to paint, draw lines or create a beautiful ombre effects. Easy on, easy off,ย  they would never make your nail dry and brittle.


    • One-Layer Pigmentation
    • Long-Lasting, Chip-Free
      Give your nails a stunning makeover with 6 weeks of wear!
    • Buttery Smooth, Shiny Texture
    • Versatile Usage
      Pick up the paste to paint, draw lines or patterns & create ombre nails effortlessly!
    • Easy-On, Easy-Off
    • Non-Toxic, Nail-Friendly Formula
      Protect nail bed from chemicals that make your nails dry and brittle.


    • Volume: 15g
    • Colors: Autumn Leaves, Raspberry Jam, Summer Love, Poppin Avo, Rosy Mauve, Aqua Dream, Vintage Khaki, Winter Sunlight, Rose At Night, The Hippies


    • 1 / 2pcs xย Tri Color Nail Gel Palette
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