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    Thermal Poly Gel Nail Set

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    Have a magical vibrant nail instantly! Witness the spark of color-changing nail polish delivers! Introducing the all-new Thermal Poly Gel Nail Set.It features a bright pigmentation in a unique formula that changes color in response to fluctuating temperature. The color would change vibrantly according to how cold or warm your hands get and would stay that way until the temperature changes.The nail polish is non-toxic & holds out effectively without requiring extra care, making it the perfect choice for girls who dislike going to the salon & enjoy taking care of their own nails at home. Enjoy a wide range of gradient shades that provides a more vivid & unexpected look on your nails! 


    Magical Vibrant Nails
    It magically changes to a lighter color for warm temperatures & a deeper color when it's cold.

    The extension gel is more flexible than acrylic, stronger than hard gel & lighter than both, & it can last up to one month & holds out effectively without requiring extra care.

    Quick Dry 
    It has a curing time of 45-60s when placed under the nail lamp.
    Comfortable & Convenient 
    Unlike hard gel, this nail gel, not self-leveling, but stays in place & doesn't harden until it is cured in a UV Lamp.
    All-in-1 kit (optional)
    This set includes thermal nail gel, pocket nail lamp & nail extensions.
    Simple & Easy 
    Guarantees a smooth application & easier to control than other nail extensions, no need to go for the salon!

    • Choose your suitable shape
    • Grind your nail with a nail file
    • Brush base coat first
    • Dry your base coat with a LED/UV lamp
    • Put the extension gel into a nail mold
    • Dip the slip solution or isopropyl alcohol to a gel
    • Apply the forms on your nail
    • Dry your extension gel with a LED/UV lamp
    • Remove the mold from extension gel
    • Apply the top coating


    • Nail Gel Ingredient: Resin
    • Nail Gel Capacity: 15 ml
    • Color: Pink / Red / Violet / Yellow / Sky blue / Blue / Green / Grey


    • 1 x Thermal Poly Gel Nail Set
    • 100 x Nail Tips (optional)
    • 1 x Pocket Nail Lamp¬†(optional)

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