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    Super Brow & Facial Hair Trimmer

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    Get rid of Peach Fuzz & embarrassing mustache like a pro!
    Super Brow & Facial Hair Trimmer is a non-invasive, painless way to remove unwanted facial hair from roots. Now you can achieve salon results right at home!
    The unique spring action extracts hair from the roots to slow hair regrowth. Easily trim your eyebrows with no skills and less hair growing back!


    • Quick Hair Removal
      Removes unwanted facial hair from roots painlessly. No more shaving or expensive hair laser removal!
    • Slower Hair Regrowth
      Extracts hair from the root to slow down hair regrowth, reducing the need to trim as often.
    • From Fuzz to Fab
      Removes peach fuzz and exfoliates dead skin to make your skin look glowy and dewy!
    • One-Hand Operation
      Designed with the spring action so that you can operate with one hand with ease.
    • Wide Applicability
      You can use it to remove fine hair all over your body, such as eyebrows, cheeks, philtrum, arms, legs and even finger and toes!
    • For All Skin Types
      Hypoallergenic, leaves skin hair-free with minimal discomfort or irritation.


    • 1 x Super Brow & Facial Hair Trimmer

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