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    Sparkling Nail Art Glitter Butterflies Set

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    Watch sparkling butterflies
    fluttering across your nails!

    Introducing the Glitter Butterflies Set for everyone to achieve the nails of your dream effortlessly! Infused with super bright, reflective sparkles and flakes, these goodies will spice up your mani with a dreamy holographic effect.Super easy to apply, this set is perfect for everyone to achieve trending nail looks in no time! Versatile and look fantastic on a wide variety of colors, the creativity with this multicolored flakes set is endless.


    • Sparkling Butterfly Nails
    • Easy to Apply
    • Super Bright & Reflective
      Formulated with fine sparkles that will turn extra bright under light, just apply it in a few swipes and watch the sparkle magic unfold!
    • Endless Versatility
      Whether you wanna go for a full glittery look or just spicing up subtle designs, it will take your manicure game to the next level!
    • Perfect for Beginners
      Forget about painting butterflies yourself, just stick the flakes on nails to achieve dreamy nail looks without any skills!
    • Match well with Polish, Gel & Powder
    • Lasts up to 4-6 weeks, Chip-Free



    • Net weight of the glittery flakes / butterflies: 3g each
    • Net weight of the Glue: 18g


    • Your choice of Sparkling Nail Art Glitter Butterflies Set
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