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    Reusable Nail Polish Clip

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    Looking for a way to keep the acetone on constant contact with your nails? Say no more! Reusable Nail Polish Clip assist your nail polish removal quick, easy, and without all the hassle.
    Simply clip them on your fingertips with cotton pad along with polish remover and wait for 3-5 minutes. It ensures your nails are fully soaked to ease up the removal process.
    They're great for removing glitter nail polishes, UV/LED gel polish, acrylic nail tips, and manicures. They're faster to apply on all the nails compared to using tin foil, not to mention economical!



    ‚úî Clips Tightly: It ensures your nails are in constant contact and soaked well with the acetone.
    ‚úî Fast & Easy to Use:
    Easy to operate flexible springs, non-slip, and faster to wrap all the fingers in just a few minutes!
    ‚úî Economical:
    Say goodbye to wasting foil from the kitchen! Reuse the clips as much as you like.
    ‚úî Won't Hurt your Nail Bed: The clips combined with nail wide cotton pads are comfortable to wear and easily removes polish without constant rubbing or scrapping.
    ✔ Suitable For Professional or Home Use: Great for removing gel polish, artificial nails, UV/LED gel polish, acrylic nail tips, and manicures. 


    1. Soak the cotton pads with pure acetone.
    2. Cover your nails with the soaking pads.
    3. Use the Nail Polish Clip to keep the pads in place.
    4. Wait for 3-5 minutes before removing the polish.


    Colors: Pink, Transparent, Black, Purple, Rose red
    2 cm x 5 cm


    10 pcs x Reusable Nail Polish Clip

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