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    LuxuryPro™ Hair Coloring Shampoo

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    Achieve Vibrant Colored Hair in One Wash!
    Cleanse + Color + Condition

    LuxuryPro™ Hair Coloring Shampoo combines all the dyeing process in one without sacrificing cold vibrance and softness. Dye, Wash and Moisture your hair by ONE wash.

    It works like regular hair dye but you use it as shampoo. Just cleanse, color, and condition - then you’re ready to flaunt your locks!

    Formulated with natural ingredients and can last for a long time with appropriate color shampoo.

    NO DRY ENDSinstant lustre for dull looking hair!


    Instant Vibrant Hair Color
    Combine all the dyeing process in one! No need to bleach hair prior to color application.

    Easy to Use
    Rinse your hair and apply the coloring shampoo. Wait for 15-20 minutes then rinse out the shampoo with warm water. Done!  

    Can last for a long time with appropriate color shampoo. 

    Mild & Safe
    Free from ammonia and other harmful synthetic chemicals to keep your hair healthy and safe from root to tips.

    Nourishing Ingredients

    Hair dye that repairs damaged hair, moisturises hair follicles, and promotes hair growth!



    1. Mix LuxuryPro™ Hair Coloring Shampoo with Perfume Milk in a 1:1 ratio
    2. Apply it on hair and wait for 15 - 20 minutes then rinse 

    Notice: for better result, please mix LuxuryPro™ Hair Coloring Shampoo with Perfume Milk when in use. 


    LuxuryPro™ Hair Coloring Shampoo:

    Color: Purple, Pink, Blue, Grey, Green, Red, Black, Gold, Chestnut Brown, Light Brown
    Size: 10 x 10 x 10 cm
    Net Weight: 0.1 kg
    Volume: 100ml (3.3oz)
    Expiration Date: 3 Years


    Set1: 1 x LuxuryPro™ Hair Coloring Shampoo (for short to medium length hair)

    Set2: 2 x LuxuryPro™ Hair Coloring Shampoo (for long hair)

    Perfume Milk: 1 pc (9%)

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