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    Glamorous Easy Eyeliner Kit

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    Draw on perfect eyeliner effortlessly

    with this easy-to-hold tool!

    No more struggle of creating even eyeliners because this tool will let you nail the stunning winged liner in no time! The easy-to-hold handle steadies the hand when drawing eyeliners, while the innovation flat tip ensures a perfectly blended, filled eyeliner within a minute!Made with soft, flexible materials that allow the tip draw on inner corner and under eye eyeliners smoothly, it is easy to control and designed to achieve multiple eye looks including classic winged eyeliner, on-trend fox eye, playful lines and more!


    • Effortless Perfect Eyeliner
      No more struggles of drawing crisp, even eyeliners! This guide wand will let you achieve sexy winged liner in seconds with zero mistakes.
    • No More Shaky Hands
      Steadies your hand to draw on smooth, perfectly filled eyeliner in just a minute!
    • Great for Beginners, Time-Saving
      Saves you time fixing uneven liners and turns a complicated makeup process into seconds!
    • Fit All Eye Shapes
      Made with soft, flexible materials that allow the flat tip fills and blends out the eyeliner gel flawlessly.
    • Versatile Eyeliner Looks
      Effortlessly create half-cut crease, natural crease, winged crease and more with zero mistakes.
    • Easy-to-Hold Handle
      Designed for flawless, easy application for all beauty lovers.


    • Eyeliner Gel Color: Black / Brown


      • 1 x Glamorous Easy Eyeliner Kit
      • Or 1 x Glamorous Easy Eyeliner Kit + 1 x Eyeliner Gel

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