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    Anti-Frizz Hair Finishing Stick

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    Tame Messy Hair in Seconds!

    Anti-Frizz Hair Finishing Stick is designed as a convenient and simple solution for flyaways, baby hairs, and stray ends.

    This mascara-like tube can help you achieve your desired styles in seconds. Just simply brush over your broken hairs then you are good and tidy to go!

    The non-greasy ingredient can also helps to moisturize and smooth your hair while having a long-lasting holding!

    Our hair finishing stick can be paired with any of your hairstyles for a great day!


    Fixing Flyaways: 
    The hair fixing stick can tame your messy hair with just a second, making it look tidy and good.

    Long-lasting holding: 
    The fixing gel is long-lasting that can be held for 24-hours

    Quick & Easy: 
    It is quick & easy to use, just brush it over the area that you want to fix.

    Soften & Smooth: 
    With the natural and non-greasy ingredient, it helps smooth and moisturizes your broken hair.

    Suits All Hair Types: 
    The hair fixing stick is perfect for various types of hairstyles, also great for men’s bun styling.


    Net Weight: 8g

    Color: Transparent


    1 pc / 2 pcs x Anti-Frizz Hair Finishing Stick

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